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Kennett High School Bulletin for Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Scholarships $10,000 SEO Expert Scholarship: To be eligible you must 1) be a junior or senior, KCTC Student 2) have a 2.5 gpa, 3) write a 1500 word article about a topic relevant to search engine optimization and online marketing, 4) authorize SEO to publish your article on its website, 5) be a US citizen Deadline is December 31, 2016. See Mrs. Crossno for application instructions.

ACT TEST DATES & DEADLINES ACT TEST DATE: 9/10/2016;Registration Deadline: 8/5/2016; Act Scores Available: 9/20/2016. ACT TEST DATE: 10/22/2016;Registration Deadline: 09/16/2016; Act Scores Available: 11/08/2016. ACT TEST DATE: 12/10/2016;Registration Deadline: 11/4/2016; Act Scores Available: 12/20/2016. ACT TEST DATE: 02/11/2017;Registration Deadline 1/13/2017; Act Scores Available: 2/22/2017. ACT TEST DATE: 04/8/17;Registration Deadline: 3/3/2017; Act Scores Available: 4/18/17. ACT TEST DATE: 06/10/2017;Registration Deadline 05/05/2017; Act Scores Available: 06/20/2017.

Freshman Student Council Elections In order to run for a Freshman CLASS OFFICER or a Student Council Freshman REPRESENTATIVE position, candidates must complete each step of the following process: 1. Sign the appropriate list in “B” Building in the hallway outside room B-1 2. Write a paragraph explaining why you would be a good choice for the position and turn this paragraph in to Mrs. Mindy Brown in B-1 NO LATER THAN 2:45 PM ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24TH. NO EXCEPTIONS. FAILURE TO COMPLETE BOTH OF THESE STEPS BY THE DEADLINE WILL MAKE THE STUDENT INELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR A POSITION ON THE KHS STUDENT COUNCIL. Schedule for elections: August 22, 23, 24 Sign up for class officer and representative ballots Campaigning may begin August 22 August 25 Class Officer Election (during language arts class) August 29 Student Council Representative Elections (during language arts class) Rules for campaigning at KHS: 1. All posters, flyers, stickers, or any other campaign material must be approved by the office before being posted. Please insure that tape or adhesive is SAFE for a painted wall and will not damage the paint in any way. 2. All campaign material must reflect a positive attitude toward the candidate and should not reflect any negative views of other candidates. 3. No posters, stickers, etc. may be posted on the lockers. 4. No candy, money, or other item of monetary value may be distributed as a campaign incentive. 5. All campaign material must be removed from campus following the election and properly disposed of by the end of the election day.

Fall Play Auditions Fall play auditions will be held on August 31st and September 1st at 6:00 pm in the KHS auditorium. Any students wishing to audition need to stop by Mrs. McCormick's room to sign up and pick up a character description sheet.

NHS NHS meeting (seniors): Wed. Sept. 7 at 7am in Mrs. McMullan's room (C-3).

Quiz Bowl : Quiz Bowl try-outs: Thursday, Sept. 1 at 2:45 in Mrs. McMullan's room (C-3). If you have a school or work related conflict at this time, please see Mrs. McMullan to discuss an alternate try-out time.

Class Changes !!! Wednesday is the absolute last day to make a schedule change. If you are on the fence about a class, you need to visit with Dr. Cates or Mrs. Crossno by the end of the day on Wed., Aug. 24th.

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